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D-Pad Hero


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It is a NES game though, not an SNES game, so it will not work with ZSNESXBox. You will need to use Mendafenx_NES.

haha silly me. i was so excited to try it out that i didnt read it right. works great. thank you!

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Will definitely check these out.


The most insane homebrew NES game I've seen is grandtheftendo:



Not released, I only hope it is one day.


Actually you can get closer to guitar hero on the xbox:




It's a guitar hero homebrew for the C64! In vicex64, you can assign xbox buttons to buttons on the guitar (will need a bit of trial and error to work out).

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LOL... that GTA game looks great. Too bad it's not ready before my Xtras packs go out.


Oh well.... the homebrew/hack/translation scene still seems to be thriving, so it won't be the only game that will be missing from my sets down the road.


Thanks for showing me that. Looking forward to it. I'll have to check out the C64 thing too, but I'm not a very big fan of any of the computer emus in general because it takes ages to set anything up.




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