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Final Burn Legends 1.0


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For Power instinct 1 and 2: normal issues, this is a know issue of the official FBA.



tested with the rom: Hyper Street Fighter II (Asia 040202) (22085kb) (master set) and did not run 100% as expected, there were some crashs in some phases. Can be a problem of rom, you never know, but. I'm had used the same in an earlier version of FBA and no gave problem.



Where? When? It sounds very strange, this game works perfectly since ages. Mooo.


I have info on all games and tests old gamer...PM i can help no worries on coinops or cross build discussion on advanges/disadvantages ill only do this though PM though, good to see your looking at this properly rather than relying on info...it pays to give it a go and see for yourself


In proper english what does it means?

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Kenshiro, another great name of emulation, is a great pleasure to meet you and follow your work. Well, I know how risky it is to arrive at a topic and say that "X" game is broken (That sounds like trouble in Emulator ou fail ) Sometimes the problem is the set of roms that the person is using or has largely failed many people do not read TXT documents.


But the friend agrees that many of these comments may be clarifying various questions of who may be experiencing a similar problem? I will do further tests on the game mentioned, and if you said the game works, you can be assured that I will come here and tell you all I was wrong in my comment.Thank you for your attention.


BritneysPAIRS, you're right in everything you said, sometimes it is better to go ahead and do their own tests and draw conclusions. But I trust much in what you say, because you are a competent person and always open to discussions and feedback from users, things like this are never made me leave the Coin Ops and when any versions of it I'm always recommending. Thank you for the information and success, your work is very important for us.

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Just tried Hyper Street Fighter 2 -- works perfectly with no issues for me.


My current settings are:



Hardware Filter: Anisotropic

Software filter: Scanline


On another note, the news about the CPU speed adjustment in the ini is huge for the people who wanted it. Though the minor slowdown is 100% accurate to the arcade versions of Metal Slug 2 and ESP Rade, for example, it's still great to have the option to eliminate it for these two games. Thanks for including this nes. :)

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ha Old Game Master get off his balls already we get it...funny how I had asked a ? and he decided to mention some stupid ass arguement that happened awhile ago that really was no biggie a simple block user would have solved that issue..I mean guys a great coder (I liked all his builds especially Showcase) but lets not forget its over and done with this topic says FINAL BURN LEGENDS so lets discuss that instead since its still alive and active..


I see he edited his post too(Kenshi quoted it though so its still there), no need to rag on FBL bro lets not forget for a 1st build/release its quite impressive....would I like to see more games like coinops does ofcoarse...


Request:Perhaps add a larger choice of games Nes or are you sticking with what we have for now?I see aot of those 2000+ games are clones which is cool but I actually thought at 1st you meant that many unique games none the less FBL is great I added it to my younger cousins xbox and that kid is stuck on that emu...so thanks!

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