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Final Burn Legends 1.0


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Just an FYI


Anyone can currently overclock any game they want right now. Every game saves a config to D:\config\games


For example if you want to get rid of the slowdowns in all the Metal Slug games or E.S.P. Rade


1) Open the config file (D:\games\config\espradej.ini)

2) Change the line that says:


cpu 0x0100




cpu 0x0300


That changes the CPU speed from 100% to 300%. No more slowdowns. You can do that to any game that has the CPU speed listed in the ini file.



Nice, thanks nes. :P

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Greetings to all:


I decided to try the: Final Burn Legends for its ability to emulate a few different titles and was not getting with my emulator default, Coin Ops.


Among these games I quote the Games Power Instinct (Especially 1 and 2). Let the problems:


Power Instinct 1: The image is a slow and intermittent noise in the sound (a kind of buzz)


Power Instinct 2: I get a good image definition, but the intermittent noise and tinnitus prevents emulation of the sound of the game.


I tried some different settings on the Sound and image but could not solve the problem. Any member of the Forum has emulated these games?


*Detail - Power Instinct 2:Roms tried: 14.4 mb and another one 15.2 mb size.


If anyone can help me in this matter would be very grateful.

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BritneysPAIRS is an honor to me talk to one of the persons whose team is a world reference in emulation. You can be sure that your work is admired by a whole legion of fans and a whole community of Brazilians.


Touched ... * laughs *


The Power Instinct 1 - I could emulate in Coin Ops (perfectly without bugs) . Power Instinct 2 - I could not, because of bugs in the screen, but the sound is perfect. I can not know exactly what went wrong, since I took the name of Rom (powerins2.zip) quoted in the official list of compatibility.


What in fact I was in doubt, which is the right rom size to use: 15 mb or 14 mb? Or had a setting in Coin Ops to solve this problem?


BritneysPAIRS the Coin Ops will always be my favorite emulator and make sure that I will always be an eternal admirer of your work.

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I believe the Power Instinct games still have those problems in the PC version of FBA. Sound is defintely fucked in Power Instinct 2 in FBA v0.2.97.06, I just checked. So the problems were inherited by FBA-XXX Pro and also it would seem by FB Legends.

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Yeah, Because I'm have the FBA PRO ( V.1.30 Test Built) and the problem is just the same.


And do not forget: Fighter's History also still suffers from minor bugs in the images (but fortunately playable). I believe that the FBL (next to the Coin Ops) can still get updates and maybe we can even dream of playing a Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition and beyond the MK games with sound and full speed together (laughs).


I was very excited with this new version of FBA and I'm sure it promises. I still want to test: DD Crew, Wonder Momo, Flower and Arcades some of my older age.

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Does Hyper Street Fighter not work properly in Legends? It was working fine in the last few builds of FBA-XXX Pro.

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