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Wheel Of Fortune


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Well i would have thought the Playstation one is a more likely candidate, there will be users with experience with this emulator.

Some stuff can be a bit tricky with it, more importantly the image you aquire must a good one as there are loads of bum ones floating around. Hang in there cause someone will know, theres loads of top users come here too. Im afraid i dont even use that emulator so i cant help ! Sorry.


A quick afterthought, you may need to find a compatability chart somewhere cause "if" i remember correctly some just won't run properly. Don't quote me on that but just be aware.

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use pcsxbox and try using the different cores in there in the options,the newest version of the emulator is v20.

wheel of fortune ps1.there were 2 different games released on the ps1.



wheel of fortune 2nd edition ps1.


try the games on pcsxbox as i have found games that say they dont run but play just fine by using the different cores,for example xmen children of the atom.

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