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Anybody have info or pics of the different Liteon drives for the 360?


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Anybody have info or pics of the different Liteon drives for the 360?


I have am getting a new Jasper 360.And i heard they all have Liteon drives.


But version 3 isn't flashable yet.


How can i tell which version i have?


Is there some kind of serial number on the drive?


Can anybody give me links to pics of what each version looks like?


Thank you

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the numbers on the top of the drive will tell you, you'll have to open her up though. last I heard the newest unflashable liteon has only been seen on the new 250gb sku so far.

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Ok it seems it is any liteon 83850C manufactured after aug 09 are unhackable at this time.

any earlier 83850C is hackable with out a spear

the first liteons marked 74850C need a spear to dump the key.


Jungleflasher TUT

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Thank you so much for this info.

I just purchased a new jasper 360.Manufacturing date 04-14-09.So i should be fine.I haven't cracked it open yet.



I don't know if MS are detecting hacked firmware now when you go on xbox live.

But what i wanted to do was go on xbox live with my new console before modding it.Get the media update and all the other updates.Then transfer my licensing for all my downloaded content from my banned console to my new one

Then basically disconnect from live for good.

Then flash my drive.


What i am a little worried about is this.........is there something in the new dash update that will stuff up my 360's ability to store games on my 120gb hdd if i flash my drive after i have installed all the updates from xbox live?


Because after i got banned from live recently i can no longer store games on my hdd.


Just wondering if the update can detect flashed drives or it can only do that when your on live?

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no you should be fine. you can only get banned and HDD locked connected to live, the console itself can't lock the hdd down while disconnected. Hold out for the new firmware that is coming out soon. supposedly the developers of the newest update have had quite a few consoles running on live through out the ban wave untouched.


I personally think that this banwave has nothing to do with firmware or even bad rips. (maybe a little to do with bad rips) I think they were looking at prerelease play.

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