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Wal-Mart Anticipates Your Demise.


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Wal-Mart now conveniently sells caskets in For the Home section of their website. Here are just a few with some eloquent descriptions. A MUST purchase.


Mom Remembered Steel Casket


Star Legacy's Mom Remembered casket is delicately hand-painted in a rich orchid color, finished with high gloss and highlighted with silver pinstripes. Mom Remembered is made from Superior Grade 18-gauge stainless steel and features "soft to the touch" bedding in pink, hand-sewn, pleated chalet crepe. Embroidered roses and the word "Mother" in the cap panel enhance this casket. With stationary carrying bars for easy handling and brightly plated hardware with full-color cameo roses.



Lady de Guadalupe Steel Casket


Made of Superior Grade 18-gauge steel, Lady de Guadalupe's exterior is hand-painted by experienced craftsman in an exquisite slate blue metallic color, complemented with individual appliqués of the Lady de Guadalupe. The interior bedding, so soft to the touch, is sewn and gathered by hand in a sky-blue chalet crepe adorned by an embroidered figure of the Lady de Guadalupe. High-polished hardware and carry bars for easy handling complete this religious-themed edition.


Supreme Distinction Cameo Rose Steel Casket


Star Legacy's Supreme Distinction Cameo Rose's impeccable craftsmanship makes it one of the finest caskets available. The White Lily high-gloss finish is highlighted with pink hues and applied by hand. The exterior rails are embossed with a floral design, complemented by premium one-piece swing bars for easy handling. Floral embossed fixtures and a matching coral rose in the front panel completes this one-of-a-kind edition.



Wal-Mart is on the ball more than ever!


Such comfort at low prices!



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Nothing lets someone know you care(d) like a quality casket from Wal-Mart. :blink:


Return Information

Due to FTC regulations, Walmart.com can only accept a return of a casket, urn or memorial jewelry due to freight or cosmetic damage from shipping. Walmart stores cannot accept the return of any casket or urn.


Damn, the one thing you can't return at Wal-Mart!

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Here, they don't accept returns for electronics whether they're opened or not. It's only store credit...sometimes.

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Wow, that's odd. The two Wal-Mart stores here will take back just about anything without any problems. It's one of the best things about their store. The electronics stores around here are another issue though, Circuit City when they were still in business (including the one I worked at), would give some of the biggest return hassles I've ever seen. Best Buy wasn't too far behind us either.

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