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I hope people understand Final Burn Legends isn't perfect. It's a 1.0 release. There are still things to fix. There are also probably bugs I missed. However, if I wait until it's perfect, it will never get released. I think the 1.0 version is a good (not perfect) first release.


Nes6502: First of all, I'd like to say again that I really appreciate the great effort you've put into this project. We're very fortunate to have you doing this. :D But I just want to let you know that I intend to report any issues I find to you (if I find any) just in case you decide to do a few revisions at some point. With your track record, we have no reason to be anything but excited for 1.0 regardless.


I'm shocked to see FBL set to go finally. But it's been a long time coming, so roll on tomorrow!!! ;) Thank you again!

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