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Borderlands the game


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So what's the deal if you buy a retail copy of Borderlands then? Is there an activation limit? And do you have to be online to play or only to install?

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the gun randomization is cool in theory. but you end up with odd things like a 2.5x zoom on a shotgun.

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I bought fo my 360, seems everyone my job got da reloaded version so im like wow.

I dun care, i have bout 2 days worth of time under it and i say my money was well spent on this game.

I dont like playing games on cpu, most of my friends have 360 anyway,

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So how good does your PC have to be to play this shyt?

If you want it to look even remotely pretty, a decent pc will do (decent as in 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB ram, 512MB Video Card) That will get you with everything on low/medium at some high resolution above 1024x768.


And the ending is, off, but it sets itself up for sequel for the story.

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