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Holy Shit

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Hello friends, this is Devia, on August 27th 2009, I have become an Airman of the United States Air Force, at the moment I'm on base liberty, I'm using a pay computer at the mall on base.


Yes, I've gone through boot camp, yes, obstacle course, shooting weapons, getting yelled at, waking up at 4:45 AM every day. Check this out, I've graduated from Basic Miliart Training for the Air Force.



Basic Miliary Training


I have zero time, I want my video games back, my intranets, and everything I don't have here at BMT, on August 30th I'll be shipping off the Kessler Mississpi for Technical Traning, there, I'll be able to play games in my dormitory and such.


So cousins, please know that Devia is still fine. :P

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Nice to hear you're actually doing something with your life.


Indeed, thank you sir.


My job in the Air Force is, Information Avionics Systems, basically replacing and working on parts of an aircraft cockpit.





That's awesome. My best friend is in the AF and is a mechanic.

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Good to hear you're well. What did you think of all the pre-req training?

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Congratulations, d00d! Nice work!


Tell me, though, do you feel happy? Do you feel satisfied? Because if you do indeed feel fulfilled, then that's all that matters. Stuff the video games.


Top stuff and all the best.

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Neat, I always thought it would be cool to fly/work with planes and helicopters even though I don't know much about them. Good luck with the training, once its over its over though just keep reminding yourself. I heard it gets a lot better after basic because basic is designed to suck.

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