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1Emulation eXclusive: JOYTRON XConverter360 (PS2->XBOX 360 Controller Converter) Product Review

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"The XConverter360 is an innovative and new converter sold in Korea for fans of Playstation 2 controllers and arcade sticks that would like to see them playable on the XBOX 360. Made possible by the user "laugh" at the popular fighting game fan website, Shoryuken, he sells them each for $23 USD. When I saw his original post in their popular Converter Compatibility Thread, I immediately contacted him to be one of the first to review the converter.


First off, many fighting game fans like myself have been looking for a way to use our dusty PS2 (Hori anyone?) arcade sticks on the 360. The XConverter360 also allows you to hook up your PS2 controllers to the PC, while being recognized as a wired XBOX 360 Gamepad, which is great for emulators and whatnot. Now, with the release of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and King of Fighters XII this summer, the XBOX 360 gamepad will no longer suffice for professional gamers. The popular Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition arcade stick may be a great solution, but is very expensive for gamers who have already paid over a $100 for an arcade stick made for another gaming console. This is when the JOYTRON XConverter360 for $23 USD becomes an affordable and cheap solution if you previously purchased a Playstation 2 arcade stick."


--> Read the Review!

--> To purchase the XConverter360, private message "laugh" at Shoryuken.com Forums

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