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Got the svc rom to load but has prob.


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How do you deal with the progression of the roms, as you move to a higher C rom for example. Writing in anything past 9000. does C000 = 10megs?


and if your total C rom is 64megs (eight 8mb c roms) how is this written in hex?


if you could provide an example of something youve changed so i can learn how its done.


how about your SVC - Samurai 2 edit? before and after in the style of ROTD post.


just trying to learn to add some flexibility.

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The easiest way if you've any problems :


In hex editing : "copy" C roms or V roms Lines from game like Garou MOTW prototype or KoF 98 & "paste" on Samurai Shodown 2 C roms or V roms sizes + CRC + Rom Region Lines.

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I still havent found out a way to edit the xbe file for whatever game. how do you find out which offset is for which game? i dont understand one bit. any help is greatly aappreciated.

It's easy : open Kawa-x.dat with Clr Mame Pro or RomCenter to read the CRC of the rom you want to change the size (length).

Open Kawa-X default.xbe with a hex editor, click on "Find" & enter the CRC of the rom back to front (for exemple CRC : 12345678 becomes 78 56 34 12).

When you've found the CRC, you can notice the size of the rom is just before it, like in a Dat file for Nebula or Winkawaks.

Also, When you change size of a P, V or C rom, don't forget to change the size for the Rom Region.

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will the rom region be in a similar location, or is it in a seperate offset?


thank you for answering all of these questions.

Rom Region size is on the line before C, V or P roms sizes. For exemple : Rom Region for KoF'98 P roms :

"0x0013B1C0 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00-00 00 50 00 00 00 00 00

0x0013B1D0 : 0A 00 00 00" -> ROM_REGION (0x500000, REGION_CPU1, 0)

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