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Are these people serious?

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funny shit, but yet another example of what religion can do to people *sigh*

OMg did you read AkihiroZi's post? Jacked people are everywhere, I agree that this is jacked up but please dont confuse what you just saw.

yet another example of what people can do to religion.

Everything they said is mixed in with their own personal beliefs. The fact that God said dont judge alone shoots down their whole movement... *sigh*


the fact that u said " The fact that God said dont judge alone shoots down their whole movement... *sigh* " is also another example of what religion can do to people

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These people are way beyond making unfair judgments, even way beyond hating the gay, they believe that everyone in the world except them should die, and that when we do we will all go to hell. Watch the documentary, listen to them say that they take pleasure in people's deaths because it is god's devine judgement.

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haha so I started watching this documentary, I'm only near the end of the second part but this stuff is hilarious. The way these people debate/respond to any type of question is priceless, they sound like little kids on the playground. It's so ridiculous its like it almost has to be some kind of pre-written prank or something. The absolute funniest part is that reporter though. Haha that poor poor guy, he's freaked out by the whole thing so badly and you can tell. The part where he says "I'm just going to stand over hear because I'm not really part of the uh picket yeah umm I'm just going to stand over here" made me rofl. He probably thinks he isn't going to make it out alive.


EDIT: Just wanted to put that in bold, She just said "Not a chance poopy pants" she actually just said that. These people are pussies, they only protest in places where no one is going to do much about it. I dare them to come down to the south with that shit. As much as I make fun of rednecks, I would NOT be waving anything anti-american around them because they lose their temper over that shit FAST, and if this church thinks they have a big family....well....

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Do we rally those who hate religion with those who dont believe in it?

Do we despise those who abuse religion by hurting others along with those who simply wish to live by it?

Scenes like these throw up a lot of emotion within us, whether we like to admit(or realize) it or not.

Generalizing anything will do nothing for no one.

We will never be able to move on when we harbor mentalities like these nutjobs or those who wish to destroy Faith completely.


These people are wrong... Anything harmless or good can easily be perverted into something otherwise. THe things they were saying gave me chills and really pissed me off. Almost as worse as the girl who thought being raped was something thats she deserves, some really jacked up heads out man.


"If we take away all the guns, knives and explosives in the world... WIll that stop man from killing?

And if we were to restrict violence to only having reason, would mankind no longer bathe in blood?"


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This kind of thing angers me. Those people are NOT Christians.


Here's the REAL deal..what the bible really says instead of the one verse from Matthew.


It's all about hypocrisy gentlemen.


There are times when it is wrong to judge others as to their beliefs and behaviors. HOWEVER, when a behavior or belief is clearly Biblically wrong, it needs to be rebuked. At the same time, you cannot be hypocritical and make a judgment of right and wrong if you're not going to live by doing right. The issue of judging is covered in many books of the Bible. Romans, 1John, Jude, Acts, 1Tim and a few others. It is specifically to the point on what you should and should not judge.


Judging is identified completely different than what people say. People use the term judgment to justify their actions..."oh..I did something bad..DON'T JUDGE ME I'M HUMAN." So you're telling me that if you're doing something wrong, I cannot say it as such? If I were doing the same thing, I could not say since I would at fault as well. But if I'm wiser and have not made that choice, I am allowed to decipher that action as right or wrong.



I keep running into this argument with people about how everyone interprets the bible differently. Every single person that has said this has openly admitted to me that they haven't read the Bible completely. Or some obviously just don't know what they're talking about. The Bible is perfectly clear. Sometimes you have to search in previous books & chapters to grasp the full meaning but it's all there. It's like a giant dictionary/encyclopedia full of answers. I haven't read the whole Bible but I take my time and actually LEARN it. It's not that difficult to understand.



The problem is, people are easily led by others, listening to their words and taking it as face value instead of doing it on their own. So that is where things get twisted. Also, you'll have groups like those "Baptists" in that video who are just downright zealots (yes I'm making a judgment) and spreading a message that is not of God.


Yes, I'm a Christian but not in any particular denomination. Organized religion is a foolish thing and it causes nothing but strife and hurt towards themselves. Most of them live by their own feelings and values and not the blatant obviousness that is written. You can't exactly blame "religion" in itself..just the people. That's an example of how people "judge" a whole race because of the actions of a significant percentage of them.

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Wow, Phelp's daughter used to be fat. I guess he told her god hates fatties so she lost the weight.

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haha yeah I saw that Michael Moore clip, I thought it was pretty funny how differently that rotten old bastard acts in front of him compared to the reporter in the other videos.


So heard these guys or maybe it was some other motorcycle gang I dunno really hates these people and has pretty much ended their protesting. I think this probably happened awhile ago too, see I had just never heard of these people until now. Apparently they would all ride their motorcycles through their protest and mess all their stuff up until they had to leave every time and they just gave up.

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Im new to Va. My second day here I was on the road helping some people move into their new place. I say a funeral line... procession??? You know, all the cars in line on the way to wherever. Well Here in Va Beach, there is a big Naval base, and apparently there are those who protest funerals and such, just like mentioned by Patriot Guard Riders. There was Cops on Harlies escorting the procession. Apparently there are alot of shit like that around here, or at least there was.


How the hell are you gonna protest during a funeral? Thats a good way to hinder your message! Their dead you assholes, hate them all you want, but it's for those they left behind. That is blatant disrespect... Id have knocked people out cold if they protested outside a funeral. Especially one I'm attending. Id definitely do that knowing full well Id go to jail! It's a damn funeral. Thats so fucked up...

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