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Hello everybody!

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First let me start by saying, goddamn I missed this place. Oh yeah and, I'm glad to be back. While where getting things like this out of the way, here is what I have been up to, mostly in order. I probably forgot some things but its 4:45AM here and I doubt you really want to read a detailed story of my life for the past however many months it has been.


I'm not sure If this happened before or after I disappeared, but I became a manager at the restaurant I was working at, It was great for awhile, but was extremely exhausting, I got to the point where I just really didn't want to do it anymore. I really wanted to get demoted or something, but in a weird way it was like a small family there, I would be screwing everyone over sort of. Unfortunately I didn't really get to make a decision about this because I got screwed by a babysitter/co worker and was forced to quit. There was no way Marley could come to work with me. I didn't really want to quit, but I guess that's how that worked out.


Shortly after that, me and my gf moved in together, she was living with her parents, and I was living with a friend before that. Fortunately she works at citi where they pay her very well so we are doing fine. We don't have a ton of money or anything, but we get by with everything we need.


Up until about this point, I had been extremely busy, between working shit tons of hours, running to my place, running to her place, doctors, wic offices (free baby stuff from the government hooray!), etc. I just really didn't have time for anything, I was constantly exhausted, I really felt like I was going to die. I got online every once in awhile, posted things here and there, I even tried to get into this other forum (gasp) but it just wasn't the same. Small enthusiast PC board, great board, especially since I was able to keep up with it pretty easily, but now I have a lot more free time because I'm not longer playing catch up with all the stuff I didn't get done earlier (finally), I wanted to wait to come back until I could post more than just every so often.


Anyway, now I'm a stay at home dad. My gf goes to work all day, and I get to spend all day with my daughter, which is nice because at first I barely got to see her at all. She is a little shit and she drives me nuts, but I love her. Everything seems to have worked out WAY differently than I expected. I was really losing my mind at the beginning there. I'm glad I stuck it out. Me and my parents don't talk anymore, but it doesn't bother me to be honest. I'm doing great. I'm thinking about getting some shitty job at a gas station or something just for some extra side cash. We are both going to go to college, but I think she is going to go to college first, then I will (I ended up dropping out for now). See one of Obamas big changes basically says as long as we don't get married yet she can go for free (she gets a certain amount of money, which happens to be more than enough for the colleges around here). So that works out nice for her/us. I have some money saved away for myself too. I already have some classes finished though, So this is still open to debate.


So yeah, Basically I sit at home all day with my daughter, So I have A LOT of free time now and I'll be here pretty much all day :naughty: and because everyone seems to do this, it's now my turn to annoy everyone else with it! Time for an excessive photo gallery of Marley (but not too excessive) Oh yeah, and what did I miss? I imagine quite a bit! The whole site looks different! (I actually tried to do this a few days ago but the site was down)


This is her most of the time, and my current background:



































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As much as I like baby pictures, for god's sake, think of the 56kers (Actually, think of the broadband users with monitor resolutions somewhere around 1280x1024 -1600x1200, too).


All image processing tools can freely resize these days after all, and image hosting sites use thumbnails to top it off. You know, just saying.


In any case, Welcome Back.

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glad to hear things are working out for you shiba. cute kid. :naughty:

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Welcome back Shiba! Long time no speak, nor see. We thought we lost you for good. I hope all is going well now.


Glad to see you're now a father, perhaps you should rename to ShibaTheFather? It would sound pretty cool IMO. :naughty:


Beautiful baby pictures might I add ... once again, it's great to see you back! :naughty:

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Awesome! Now you and Hera can gab about your little girls lol. Cute kid. Now you can do polities videos and bake! Duuude Stay at home dad must be GREAT!!! All that time to play with Marley... and well... chill


Hey... didja... didja quit smoking???


Well anyway... WELCOME BACK!!!

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Its good to have you back. We need more people back now.

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