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Micheal Jackson: Dead


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We have lost a truly magical person,

but Heaven has gained an angel.

A noseless, bleached, junkie, child-raping angel.

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A whopping 900,000+ fans who bought tickets to his concert will now be disappointed. Ok well, I think the fans don't really care about their lost money now that the pop icon is gone. Sure, Jackson got a lot of bad press during his last years, was on the receiving end of a lot of Internet humor/drama and became more or less a recluse from 2005 onwards, but I can't help but admire him for what he did to pop music, MTV and music videos - not to mention how many performers/musicians/whatevers he has influenced.

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there is no doubt that thriller is the best selling album of all time. something like 7 or 8 number 1s came off that album.

Did Jackson make good music? yes.

does that outway child molestation? hell no.

He belonged in prison, not a 100,000 dollar a month mansion.

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I really did not wnat to get talking about this, but there was never any proof hey molested kids.

I mean Sure I know who burgled my flat, the police took ONE of them in, I knew the COPS knew but there was not enough evidence to charge them, and they got away with it. And I do know in america if you have the most money yo can get off with crimes especially if you are a celeb (OJ cough cough)... Can anyone show the evidence if any? I can read between the lines...

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Nigga never touched any kids. Those parents took advantage of it just because of his attitude, his fame and they exploited it. Haters should just beat it.

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