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Mom cancels kids WoW account, lulz ensue.


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If he can parlay that rage and energy into fucking then you may be incorrect.

Well... He would also have to focus on actual "coordination" too. That kid holds himself awkwardly.


Solidius said "girl" lol

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Not sure if this video is/was real, but I'd have to say that was an utterly retarded outburst, over a stupid game no less. If it was real, perhaps the video being posted will force or encourage him to act a bit more mature after the initial humiliation period is over.


I know I would be greatly embarrassed if I acted like this, it was posted publicly and I was humiliated. It would cause me to think twice about my actions the next time around rather than acting like a total idiot.

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"I'm not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe"


Well hell yea if it's real... Id be embarrassed to the max! Just the remote in the ass alone... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA is enough to slay me!

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If that's real then he is possessed by a demon.

A MMPORG Demon.... And those are becoming the worst ones..

Nor sure if the "r" belongs in there, I forgot what i stands for...

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