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Goodbye for awhile....

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I'll be praying for you as well. Just be as strong as possible for your daughter. She is going to need her daddy. You have help and support if you ever need it.


I can't say sorry because that is just not good enough.

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Peek of Light (dedicated to Ken_cinder)

And with sadness we drench into the realms of insanity,

Yet our dreams, passions and loved ones keep us from crossing that path,

And so we tarry the days and nights hoping for a ray of light,

Our tears will bathes us for a moment,

Our screams of despair will be the only music we know for a moment,

Our agony will be the only thing we feel for a moment,

And then... Only then.... When you refused to cross into chaos,

When you refused to break down for sake of your loved ones,

When you chose to hold everything together just to survive,

That ray will come, and I assure you.... It will be real.

It will be real, and it shall scrape the surface of your new beginning.

*Hang in there Ken*

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