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It starts all the way over there and:




Seriously though someone will PM you.

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you dont need any saves at all just, delete all of them though the MSdash no worries.... if it still reboots to the dash on some games after that I would reinstall CoinOPS ( it doesnt reboot on 5 xboxs I tried it on ). It will be an old save remains or the emu isnt on correctly :D good luck



I deleted the whole lot, deleted all "babe" save files (via FTP), re-unrared the R2 standalone release, FTPed it back and

still it reboots me back to the dashboard on all games except Gyruss (so far..) :(


Any other ideas?


btw, I have to patch my default.xbe & mameOX.xbe files to "Retail" to get it to boot on my older mod-chip,

BUT I did this in CoinOPS Ignite and it was sweet....


After giving up on the R2 release, I went back to Ignite public beta (my last working one), but now this does the same thing!!!

Anyone know how to get this working again???? Anyone.....

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