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How cruel are you?


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and fat bottomed girls make the rockin world go round!!!!!


THIS! :)


but seriously, I am so disconnected from people in general, that I don't care if they are fat or on crack or bad parents or whatever. I just don't care about strangers that much to even notice them unless they are taking too long in front of me at the grocery store.


I have a serious disinterest in random people.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I thought it would be interesting to start this topic since I've been reading some really deep emotional stuff in other threads. I wanna know how mean you guys can be. So I guess I'll start off with this scenario.


You have to remember this is a "blokes" forum. So you will get the usuall manly stuff.

You think people are bad here check out bodybuilding forums - there you will find guys posting extra manly stuff.


My cruel or mean side is still pretty much with me, but I release it through my website all blokes need a safety vaulve as we are not as good at coping with strong emotions as women it does not come naturally it takes time to learn how to do this, I do feel sorry for guys though who dont tend to or have some kind of social circle with good friends and by good freinds I mean "emotioanly savy." Guys who listen and understand, dont judge, and of course rib each other a little bit :)


My social circle consists of about 4 Really goood friends (excluding the interent) I exercise with them, talk to each other, going drinking with each other, and defending each other is some moron kicks up crap. (I would not hesitate to punch a guy I thought was out of order with a good friend) Go to football training, and give advice on women best we can. (It took my YEARS to find friends I could trust)


All my friends I encourage to be what they can be, the support them when the feel low, and to give advice when a woman has torn his world apart...


As for me? I dunno helping people seems to be the best thing for me at the moment. I'm not actually a mean guy I dont like to hate, be mean, put others down without a very very good reason.



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Those are all some pretty interesting answers guys :)


Yeah admittedly I'm fat. I laugh at the things you guys post up because it IS funny. I was asking this because this happened to me the other day. I was fast paced walking my daughter in her stroller. It was scorching hot and I had stopped under a tree to drink some water. I wasn't really out of breath just really really hot. Some guys that surprisingly didn't look like teenagers drove by slow yelling how I needed to get my fat ass moving and then laughing at each other saying how I was one ugly looking B!tch.


It pissed me off mostly because of their language around my daughter but it did hurt a little bit inside. I mean, I've been fat my whole life. I'm the heaviest I have ever been and I'm doing something about it through doctor's instructions. I'm doing well. Lost 7lbs and 4 inches within a week and a half. I'm not expecting parades or cheers, I just want to be left alone and every now and then a friend saying congrats keep going. I just thought it was a bit over the top and cold to say those things to someone who is trying to improve themselves.



Oh, and don't worry about the "bloke" thing. I have more guy friends than girls. Just don't see them as often.

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Height and weight.......if you don't mind.


Most people who are so outright mean, are far from judges on what they're criticizing.


I've also found most women who say "I'm fat" are exaggerating because of those people. I'm willing to bet you're not fat like the majority view fat. "Chubby" looks good on some people, now Obese at 350lbs is "fat" in my books.

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4 inches, impressive. The lbs are gonna be slow at first, until you get to a point where you can demand more out of your regemine. But 4 inches... thats pretty good!


Just remember... to eat less quanity, and more frequently. Space out the times real well, so your body enhances its metabolism like we talked about before.


Id go over all that I have said before, but you heard it several times already. I know Cinder has his own style and techniques. Akihiro Zi was following his instructions a bit and benefitted.

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Im not necessarily crual, but I can be an ass.


Case in point, I was dateing this girl. And... she is straight.... weird. I cannot explain enough, she has to be experienced to understand the pecularness. So. She would rock forward to back in her seat while driving... when listening to music. It was like... she had a mental disability or something. Her rocking was so akward and not cute... it troubled me ALOT! I would look out my window, so far, that I could not see her in my preferial.


Also, she is the ONLY person I have drounded out while she rants incessantly. She just kept on talking and talking. She just straight got on my every nerve, and thats quite an accomplishment. If you remember, ive been punched straight in the nose, and i didnt slaughter him, mush lift a hand. I quite tolerant... which is ironic, considering my intolerants to just about everything flocked up.


Well, long story short, there are a ton of things she did that got under my skin, and there were so many times I would act somewhat mean. Sometimes Id ROFL in my mind at my actions... as if others can see what I just did. My friends and I have a tereffic sense of humor, you should hear us sometimes. Like last night, the whole night should have been recorded! It was like an amazing neverending skit! well anyway, id laugh in my mind at what I would do, because they would have been ROFL hard...


I never truly mean harm. But I have said things that are pretty mean. But it's most often taken differently on the other side of the fence im afraid. I got all these weirdo people stories, and im sure it would hurt their feelings to hear how i describe the whole account.

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