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thinking of digging out the old xbox


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Like Cba.Gy said it depends on your region but for most being in the US you get the majority of plugins. CBS, PBS, NBC universal, Hulu (iirc they may be problems since the boxe incident).


Non regional are Revision, Ren and Stimpy, G4tv, TvShack, TvBlinx, TvDash, Game Trailers/Gamespot, Fastpass Tv, Navi-X, Apple trailers, vimeo, Watchxonline, Video monkey/devil plus a whole bunch more anime and others.


The catch to these plugins they break when there is any website/content changes so they have to be constantly updated.

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Yes there is a way to do that, but it is pointless because you cannot get true 5.1 without actually buying the HD cables so you can use an optical cable. You can set it to Dolby Surround already without any modding which is the best you will get in terms of surround with normal cables.

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I ordered some HD cables, so its all good. (they are only like 5 bucks now.) it seems most of the video plugins for streaming don't work. I'll try some of the others mentioned too. I did manage to watch some stuff on Navi-X today.


I'm really stoked on the whole thing, I spent most of today, just trying different skins and tweaking stuff. getting rid of unused sources and such. It's also motivating me to get my music and movie collection organized.

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The XBMC online manual has the best tutorial for switching to NTSC to enable HD output, i have mine set to 720P and stream all my avi's/divx's/xvid's etc and would say its probably the best bit of kit for my AV setup that i have bought, besides my 46" LCD that is. Using the PM3 HD skin right now which looks awesome. For wifi use i picked up an Aeropad mini wifi adapter for 1 xbox and a Dlink DWL-G730AP that i power off a modified controller to USB port so no external power pack is required.

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