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Xfire 1.108 release

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Release notes for 1.108 May 4th, 2009


- You can now use Xfire as an AIM client and can even trade messages with AIM friends in Xfire In-Game.

- Right-click the Friends Online category to add access to an AIM account.

- This is an alpha-quality feature and will continue to be enhanced.

- Uploading multiple screenshots now uploads only one screenshot at a time.

- Fixed a serious Xfire In-Game delay when you have a lot of online friends.

- Fixed many small issues with Xfire In-Game.

- New games supported:

Artifact Elven Legacy And Yet It Moves DCS: Black Shark 
Hard To Be a God Fistful of Frags Zeno Clash Free Realms Beta 
X-Com Enforcer X-Com Interceptor Aion Beta Battle Realms 
Cryostasis Age of Wonders II: The Wizard's Throne Velvet Assassin Stalin vs. Martians 
SnowBound Online



Chris Kirmse

General Manager, Xfire


http://media.xfire.com/xfire/readme.html changelog

download xfire

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