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Xbox Arcade Sticks and beat em ups/ 1vs1 Fighting

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I just received the Universal Fighting Stick for my xbox and it doesn't work. No reaction with XBMC and Xport emus. In Coinop Ignite, I can only move up-down and only a few buttons work.

My PSX>XBOX adapter is an old one branded "Atomicplay". Could this adapter be the problem?


The stick works fine on my PC, USB or PSX plugged (through superbox3 pro).


Does anyone here owns this stick and makes it work ok ?


Thanks for your replies.




Uhhh. Silly me. Forget this. The adapter is also fine. All works perfect with FBAXX. And right now I remembered to remap keys in Coinops and it's ok now. But it seems there is no support for arcade sticks in Xport emus, though. Too bad, I used to play with Konix and other kind of joysticks during the amiga days...

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