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Drivers sugestions and related fixs for CoinOPS ReIGNITE


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Street Fighter the Movie was awfully slow the last time i checked. I realize there's a perfectly playable version on PCSXbox, but its a completely neutered port with lotsa missing frames (and more importantly it doesn't have the funny American voices).

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ill keep an eye on this soon.... would like a spreadsheet though. Also need DJ boy, Galaxy Force 2 added


Added those games to the topic. A spreadsheet later is a good idea, if anyone is up to the task.


I started with some games sugestions and drivers, going now for fixs and ideas like some already mentioned by people here and other topics. :D


PS: Welcome back. ;)

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I woluld LOVE to see these added to reignite:


Cotton: Magical Night Dreams

Turbo Outrun

Knights of Valour 2

All 3 Double Dragons optimized

Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder updated


The emu is fantastic, but these would put ReIgnite over the top for me.

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Im delighted so many people have suggested Buggy Boy, this was a favourite of mine on the Atari ST & Amiga.


Would it be possible to fix the minor gfx glitches on Afterburner II? Specifically the hand and the intro sequence. I know a later driver release sorted this, but it wouldnt be worth it if it impedes performance.

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Pls fix Cabal and add Cabal (bootleg) = cabalbl.zip

It has 3 Buttons instead of 2 in "normal" Cabal. You can roll with the third button and avoid enemy shots.




Driver: cabal.c

fixed in: ~ 126u1


I always used the bootleg version for that reason. Makes the game more enjoyable and it was the version i played at the arcades too at the time. ;)

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BP my man...

*PLEASE*: Make the CPU Overclock option keys able to remap!!!


I mean:

To be able to change BACK+RIGHT THUMB to something else...

Remember, arcade sticks does not have the THUMB buttons!





Hey Cospe why don't you remap it yourself ? First plug a xbox pad, enable "gamepad defaults can be remapped" in advanced settings, then ingame: Remap the "onscreen display" function the way you want. That's all friend.


Another game suggestion Vamp 1/2 released as playable in mame 0.87

Beat'em up with Manga Style characters.

(vamphalf.zip : same zip from 0.87 - 0.128 version, changed from 0.129)

source: vamphalf.c


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