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Cocky and Immature Forum Authoritative Figures

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At this very moment, at KH-Insider, I am carelessly questioning the authority of these cocky and illogical moderators. I actually loathe KH-Insider altogether, but the people they recruit to be moderators couldn't even be competent members, let alone moderators.


There is an immature fourteen year old prick, who doesn't deserve such a position. The entire forums are chocked full of overly sophisticated attention whores who have around 6,000-10,000 posts on average, while I, without the fear of getting banned, waltz around the forums as if authority does not matter. Generally there, it doesn't, because your threads will get closed without question.


And ordinarily, an otherwise formal discussion turns into a mindless game of off-topic chat and spam, but when this happens the moderators don't seem to give two hoots. This isn't a rant, but unpleasant realization, maybe I was wrong for some of my actions, but I don't feel too adamant about accepting the disciplinary actions of a mere boy.


No other forum I've been to has a flawed staff such as this.

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I don't know what that forum is for but any place where juveniles are put in charge is pretty much a place where little to no real management is happening.

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I thought this was going to be about me, Robert, and Gryph for sure... :(

speaking of... where the hell has Gryph been?

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