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What do you think would happen

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I was just wondering last night.

Also I was wondering if there was any kind of stuff on the internet that says it. I haven't looked yet. :P


To achieve what exactly? Are you trying to get anti-pregnant?


Either way, I wouldn't recommend it!

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oh, of course I wouldn't try it! I was just wondering what it might do. Cause I know that if a girl takes a viagra, it only makes her sick... and I know that birthcontrol has psychoactive elements of some kind that change the way the girl thinks as well as making her boobs bigger and causing weight gain. Simply wondering to know, that's all.

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...and make you massively bitchy.


I thought they were all massively bitchy out of the box?


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you will pms and get fat (or fatter if your already fat)


For the record. I am not fat. haha

well, boobies already swell from it... the last four pills for the month are "inactive ones" that cause you to have your period. so I don't know about it causing bleeding. As far as emotions go, I know it would make me a mad crazy biatch. I could probably shoot one solid burst of fire out of my eyes and then my ovaries would explode.

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