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To BP: How to change the "babe2009" via hex edit?


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Hey BP,


Is there a way to change the save location of

CoinOPS Ignite (babe2009) using a hex editor?


I mean --- I KNOW HOT TO DO --- I made it several time in other Mames...

But simply I can't find nowhere in the hexeditor the "babe2009".


Did you encrypted it or something else?


Please, help me, it's important.

I did break down my roms in several different groups

sorted by screen resolution (320x224 - 256x224 - 256x240)

and I was able to setup perfect PIXEL SHARPEN configuration

for each screen...


Now the last step is to install 3 different CoinOPS Ignite, and

this is why I need to change the save location.




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Try looking for 0062006100620065 ?


For those interested, here is the answer:



Can't you see?

09 --- 20 --- be --- ba


Hell yeah!



Oh! It's actually stored as hex lol. Not only that, it's read as a long (that's why the bytes are reversed -- endianness).

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