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Picked up my TMNT and Magic Worm arcade games today

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Picked these 2 machines up today, I had originally intended for Thursday but it didn't work out. Magic Worm was actually free, as I brought the previous owner a Scorpion Pinball he had bought out my way, and the vid was payment for bringing it out to him.


TMNT needs art all around, and some patchwork, but otherwise works great. (Bezel is missing because I didn't put it back in yet) Think I need to take the joys and buttons out and clean all the leaf switches etc though, sticks are a bit on the stiff side and the leafs can be finicky at times.

Need some bucks for this expensive art (Screened sideart alone is $190 USD), or a cheaper source, and warmer weather to come sooner!


The Magic Worm really does "Need a fuse", as a 2.5A/250V on the power supply for the PCB is blown. Seller runs a tattoo shop where had had a good 10 pins and a couple vids lined on the walls, some nice machines. Had this up in the front window for awhile, I'm guessing nobody bit.

Cab is really nice (And really goddamn heavy! The TMNT weighs less!), just needs some cleanup, touchup to the art and a crack under the CP repaired.


Is the stuff you see in the pics of the Magic Worm for another game, anyone? I think this is a dedicated cab for this, everything on it (Coin Door, all internals, back door stamped) is Siddam parts, who is the maker of this Centipede Bootleg......but hell if I know.


Now to go ice my back or something, I'm sore from the 3 hour drive each way, sitting on my ass more than anything.







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Very nice. :) I totally dig the artwork on both of those. Love to have me a tmnt machine someday (not as much as a Ms. Pacman machine though. ^^)

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The Magic Worm is apparantly on the "Extremely Rare" list. If you check KLOV, the cabinet pictured is the very same cabinet I now own.


Nobody in the collectors end of things has ever seen one besides the guys in my area.


It's dedicated (As far as I'm concerned, all internals and parts have their name on it, as does the rear door), and made by Sidam, the makers of this Italian Centipede bootleg. This is one of only 5 games they ever made, as they were sued for copyright infringement by Atari I believe, and put out of business.


Rare however is very subjective, and doesn't mean this game is worth much. Hell it was only worth $50 to the guy that gave it to me for delivering his pinball machine, which was total convenience as the TMNT was my priority in the same city.

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Methinks you guys need to have a closer look at the pictures. The artwork is pooched. I need to fix the bottom right corner of the cab with bondo, paint and put new T-Moulding on. Yeah otherwise it's in ok shape.


The TMNT came from a school teacher, who has his games in his classroom. It's overall not in bad shape for a 20 year old game, but the artwork has got to go!


The Magic Worm is as old as I am, and in better shape than me! Most of what doesn't look good on it, is dirt!

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