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Earn moeny from Video game accessories on line shop


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hi, every one. Firstly I want to say hello to all of you in my first come.


I have been playing video game for a long time, over 12 years i guess. Now I am a Nintendo ds game fans. I often buy flash card (R4 DS, DS TT, supercard ds one., M3 ) for my classmate and friends. You guys may know that how hot these tiny card in today's market. So I really get my wallet full in last few years.


I have go out of my lase company for 2 years, and run my SOHO job for video game accessories. Of couse, most of the business is about flashcard. So you know that I have know some on line shop selling flashcard. Two on line shop I have dealt till now, They are Gameyeeeah and Dealextreme. I am sorry that I do not want to spam here as I introduce these companies. but since I have something share for you guys to earn moeny, so why not?


People are often buying but smart seller will let you buy from them, but with less pay. That is what I want to mention one of their discount policy" membership system or points for cash"


Just take Gameyeeeah for an example, anyone who buy from them can be given points. said if you spend $100 on Gameyeeeah, you will given 10 pints. And you know that points means money. 10 POINTS means $1. The more you spent , the more points you can get.


Still other ways you can get money from these shop, which is I always do <_< .


recommended friend places orders, and the payment reaches $100, will reward your account with 5 points.


Referal URL and get 0.1points


write a reviews get 0.2 points.


I KNOW people who are rich enough do not care such job, but if you are a video game fans and have spare time, why not earn money from these video game accessories on line shop?

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Ahkkk! I hope this is not the owner of the sites, as we are currently negotiating an advertising deal. I am confused as to who posted this, but nevertheless, it has been moved to the Weblinks Exchange forum for now.


Let's be nicer please. <_>

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