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I think I've had enough of ATI


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Sitting here typing away, as I slowly notice my primary x1650 is corrupting my screen.


Reach into the case, then realize the fan on it is dead and it's so hot I could cook an egg in under 30 seconds on the heatsink! Pull the plug, card should be fine........but not until I replace the fan.


I swear, every ATi card I have owned or do own, the fans die on them REALLY fast. The 8500 and the 9550's I own, I can tell the bearings in their fans are shot. They grind for the first few minutes on startup in those machines. This one would occasionally do similar, but I'd blow it out and it'd be ok. Now it's dead.


I'm sick and flocking tired of the cheap ass fans ATi uses on their cards!

I'm going to email them one hell of a pissed off email, and inform them that a customer who currently owns and uses SEVEN of their cards and several in the past, will no longer be purchasing their products..........all because of their corner cutting with cheap as flock fans.


Oh but wait, you can't contact them! There's no way without calling them, but I did find this through self help.


Noisy Fan or Fan Failure


The fans on ATI graphics cards are not user replaceable parts. To avoid any complications due to any possible damage that may have been caused by the fan's failure or degraded functionality, the entire card should be replaced. If the card is currently under warranty and built by ATI, you can fill out and submit the online warranty request form at http://www.ati.amd.com/rma.


Really now? Your piss poor fans failing, means I have to buy another card or jump through hoops for an RMA? I don't think so.

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I find this is the case with almost all hardware I buy! I end up replacing fans in most things (my freeview box, my xbox 1). Last month my brother's Marshall guitar amp started making a bad buzzing sound - he thought it might be the tubes wearing out. I opened it up and it was some stupid cheap small fan buzzing away.


I wish manufacturers would design hardware so that it doesn't need fans (ok, that's pretty tough for a high-end graphics card!). My C64 doesn't have a fan and that still works fine!!

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I swear, every ATi card I have owned or do own, the fans die on them REALLY fast.


Yep, that sounds about right for that company. The one and only ATI card I ever had ran hot too; it was an old X300. The only way I could defend it was the fact that old computer also had a weak power supply running the only fan cooling the entire system. It ended up frying the hard drive. <_<

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Now THAT I don't believe, I have spare X300 and X600 cards here, those series of cards don't even use fans just passive sinks.


Something else was aloof in your case, and if the drive fried......it was probably the drive causing the heat.


I was just venting, I love their cards, I just HATE their fans!

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