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best arcade controller?

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I have a Versus City arcade cabinet, with Ultimarc Ultrastik 360s in it.

I also have some X-Arcade 8-way sticks, a few Sanwa/Siemitsu sticks but after buying the 360s, they all suck!


At $60 a stick though, it's not necessarily the greatest choice for everyone. For anyone with MAME in mind though, I recommend it highly as it can act as a 2-way stick all the way to a full 360 degree range of motion flight stick.




There's nothing in it for me to point you in their direction, I just absolutely LOVE them.

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I think any controller with 6 buttons (like the original xbox controller eg. white and black buttons) would work good because its wierd using trigger buttons with the 6 button config on an arcade system. As a matter of fact i converted an original xbox controller for use on my pc and it works great. You just need to download the custom drivers. Just take an old usb adapter and splice it with the controller. Just requires alot of patience. Anyway i either use that or the xbox 360 controller which has official microsoft drivers to work with your pc.

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