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Rumored look for Penguin in the next Batman?


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I'm sure some of you have seen this already, but what the hell.


The entertainment people have been saying that Philip Seymour Hoffman will be playing Penguin in the next Batman. There has been a rumored photo that has been circulating of what he perhaps will look like. Take it as a grain of salt, but the last time we saw a picture like this, it was legit, and that was the first photo of the new Joker.


A mock-up of Philip Seymour Hoffman as a Dark Knight-esque Penguin has fueled speculation and awk-awk noises. (Full picture below.) Meanwhile, Zack Snyder explains, once and for all, why his Bat-movie dreams won't come true.


Even though there have been many denials about Philip Seymour Hoffman's involvement on the project, not to mention it's too soon to even get the casting ball rolling. that won't stop people from photo shopping his noggin into a penguin-esque figure. Or is it actually a real studio image?


Cinema Blend claims a source contacted them saying this picture was in fact an authentic studio make up test (just to see if the look fits). They — and we — highly doubt its authenticity, but still he fits the look that has been done before.




What do you think?


Source: http://io9.com/5120445/could-this-be-the-f...ant-with-batman

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If one person can top Ledger's performance as the Joker, Hoffman can as the Penguin. I think Hoffman is one of the best actors of his generation, if not the best.

who the hell is Philip Seymour Hoffman? and I don't believe any casting rumors at this point anyways. a few weeks ago eddie murphy and Shia ladouche were rumored as the riddler and robin.


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