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Emulation on 128MB Xbox Debug Kit


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Today I cracked open a Halo green debug kit I got a few months back. I didn't think anything of it since it wasn't a development kit with the extra daughterboards. When I opened it up I noticed it had 128MB of RAM! :) I still feel like I just saw a Unicorn! :devilboy:




Anyway, I'm supposed to be fixing a bunch of 360s all night long but finding this just going to consume my whole night. I have a ton of questions:


- What bios should I use for this?

- Can I TSOP it with latest Xecuter 2 BIOS?

- Is it even safe to attempt to TSOP this thing?

- It's a 2002 Xbox so I'm assuming it's a 1MB TSOP. Is this right?

- Will 007/raincoat flash it ok?

- Do I need to flash it with a special BIOS to recognize 128MB?

- What version of Surreal 64 should I use? Regular or XXX?

- Is there anything special I need to get Surreal 64 working with 128MB?

- I have a full set mameox sitting around. Whats the best emulator for this?

- Is the best emulator Mameox 128 Plus?

- Can I just copy Mameox 128 Plus over and overwrite Mameox?

- If I just upgrade to Mameox 128 Plus, is there some kind of special dat to run it through or not?

- With all the updates to Mameox/dox and Fbaxxx does 128MB even matter anymore?

- If so, is there a list of games out there for the above emulators that work better with 128MB RAM?

- Does GentooX Linux support 128MB of RAM?

- Will GentooX work with Xecuter 2 BIOS and 128MB of RAM or is special BIOS needed?

- I heard XBMC locks up when accessing above 64MB of memory. Is this still the case with latest version?

- Aside from Surreal, MAME, and Linux, is there anything else that will benefit from 128MB?



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The technical implications of a 128MB debug box I have no clue about. As far as using Mameox128 then it's up to you. I don't think the emulator itself is specifically optimised for 128MB machines, rather it uses a secondary 'vmm.txt' called 'vmm128.txt' which it uses if 128MB is detected. I'm not entirely sure but if you used this 'vmm128.txt' instead of the standard 'vmm.txt' in CoinOPS for example it should be able to work just as well as Mameox128, renaming it to 'vmm.txt' obviously. I could be very wrong though. Maybe BP can advise here?


As for other emulators, I'm sure they would all benefit from the extra RAM if they needed it. Whether or not they have been coded to take advantage of it is another matter.

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I noticed this mobo has an MCPX2 chip instead of an MCPX3 chip which worries me so it's still sitting half wired on a 30 wire mod as I'm still contemplating if I should go ahead and flash the TSOP or just leave it as a debug kit and start messing with XDK stuff.

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