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FBA_XXX_Pro_1.29_BETA release (codename "Banana Hammock")

- kenshiro -

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ok send me perl as well please :( I dont use this. Ive looked though the source adding video support is pretty easy the 720 switch will be easy enough as well but you will lose 1080i if you want this I can work on it but you will be aware of the spped issues with fonts and xmv at 1080i? if not its not to smooth and its choppy at times. I would leave it like CoinOPS myself


does it support commandline?

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Yeah of course i not readded all the games. 95% of the drivers you can see are those with VMM, so those who needed more or less modifications :angry: Asura Blade and busters, CPS1 - 2, Neogeo, Psikyo, Cave... + Toaplan and some (nice) iq's stuff. The rest would be easy to readd, as they don't need modifications ;) So you can work on this current sources, it have no importance for what you're doing ;)



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here we go again and again the same bitter song........ I can run 1.28 FBA games in CoinOPS now, thats my way forward. I try and help, I asked if he wanted the source changes to put in without giving me the sources......you guys make it so hard to do anything without conspiricy theories. I have made alot of other changes that ill strip out for you ken like icon changes and stuff like that. This is kenshiro project if you think I want to steal the latest rom sets code you dont know me very well.

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Don't listen these stupid guys, make your work and don't spend time to respond them :P


I don't think they are stupid. I'm just fairly sure that BP doesn't do that for his own project, as he said he not interested to get run latest roms sets, and i believe him lol We have both a different way of thinking on emulation, what happended now is if he wanna take piece of my sources - or if i want a piece of BP sources - we can simply share it and help the other guy. For example, BP is interested by some drivers, i can get them run on his build, and on his side, he can work on some UI or HD issues (i can't do it myself as i don't have the material, so i'm really happy of that ^^).


I know i had some problems with BP recently, we were both bitch lol, but ATM i've no problem with him and i assume same on his side. And honestly, all this flamming on forums or discussions related to that were really get me tired - so it's a happy end :P


I think it's better to close the subject - and talking about emulation and blow up dolls lmao

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