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FBA_XXX_Pro_1.29_BETA release (codename "Banana Hammock")

- kenshiro -

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Sounds like you need some coffee, Kenshiro. What's your favorite pick-me-up?


Well honestly i drink very few alcohol, really really few. My drug is the coffee lol


PS: pick-me-up ---> an alcoholic drink taken to raise one's spirits?

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Originally it meant a cure for a hangover, which ironically was most often alcoholic, like a Bloody Mary. Now pick me up usually means something that wakes you up if you're tired, like coffee. Or Red Bull. Or Prozac.

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Um, which one would be Kenshiro and which one iq_132 in that pic?

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happy to see an official release from you kenshiro :) felicitation tu le merite ;)

and thanks to iq_132 for great job also :)


ca va bander dur lol !

Perhaps they're the Batman & Robin of the emulation world?




OK, so that isn't *actually* a picture of Batman & Robin. :P


Ace and Gary. lmao. I'm the guy to the right of the photo not being involved in any way. ;)

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I'm happy and proud to say that FBA-XXX Pro 1.30 will be release in few days. A big amount of work has been done, all you have to know it's the emu allows you to play latest MAME romsets on full speed, and on my side it's fairly stable. Latest drivers fixs are integrated BTW. I need to make some adjustements, writing the changelog and it will be done ;)


The name will be FBA-XXX Pro 1.30, without stupid names like "Gumjob", "Bamboo maker" etc... ;):P and without "BETA" label.


Yess! r.mika%20gif.gif

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If I pre-order order FBA-XXX Pro 1.30 today, will I get a free T-shirt when it comes out?

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