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got coinops gold 2-3 weeks ago and there's already a new WIP release? BP, props to you. Hope the command line launch makes the cut this time, I was asking you about it in xbox scene, decided to register here since it's way better to follow the work in progress.


keep it up, and thanks for all the hard work!

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720p support is great as it means better and smoother motion, colours and clarity for TVs that are HD.


I know the difference it makes in FBA-XXX from 480p to 720p and let me tell you, its great! :D

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Hello !

I've tried Coinop Gold, it works much better than older mame versions but doesn't accept roms with "prom" problems (64 street, Madgear, Raiga Strato Fighter...).

Ignite is a kind of a dream coming true, thanks a lot for your GREAT work !!!!!!!!!

As you can add new drivers, do you think you could update the driver for sega system 32 games ? (I dream to play Golden axe 2 (ga2 or ga2j) with correct graphics and the driver included in mame 84 is a too earlier development).


Will the games lose FPS with the 720p mode ?


It's my first time on this site but do you think I could get a beta version of Ignite please ?


As all french people use to do: pardon me for my not so good english. Best regards to you all !

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Hello again, it should be nice to reintegrate the VSYNC option, because some games run better without it (Twin Cobra 2 [ktiger2.zip], Macross plus, Hyperduel...) and it's anoying to change it manually in the ini file. I'm ready for suggestions if you need it.


Some Games like Blasteroide or Skulls & Crossbones have strange screen sizes because of the "Aspect Ration correction" enabled by default. This option should be reintegrated too.


See you soon ! :D

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posting in an epic thread... awesome work guys!


font changing for low res users would be a nice option since us europeans wont go HD for public television before 2010.


reintegrating (improving) the mortal kombat sound hack would also be great.


from now on I will hammer F5 this thread until releaseday :D

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you could add a "service mode" as in fbaxxx pro.


How to start unibios on coinops? I never succeeded.




You can access the dip switches by pressing White+Back. For some games (atari for example), you must activate the service mode "ON" and reset the game. I have remapped my pad for a direct access to the service mode of the "newest" games (Psykio, etc).

The "service mode" is F2 by default in the original game mapping, you just have to remap it with your own combination of buttons. For sega 32 games, change also the service 1 configuration to navigate in the service options. Good luck !

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