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EXTRA! EXTRA!... ARt Emergency!

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Hello guys! :thumbsup1:


I'm going to participate in a drawing contest about cool anime series from 2007 and 2008... I have no idea about which one I may choose. It is because I usually like watching lots of classic series... I really like good character design and until now.. a friend of mine mentioned Code-Geass... and D-Greyman.. or kinda... I have to say that Code-Geass looks good... but ... is there any other anime title you would mention? I surely have to win that contest! :thumbsup1:

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These sound to be be among the most popular shows this year.

- Bleach

- Naruto

- Code Geass

- Death Note


Good luck with your participation.



Hey... thanks HCR! :) I 've watched them all except by Code Geass as I mentioned before... mmm... I liked death note character design.. it was great... but I missed some action...


Now that I think about it.. I guess Macross Frontier was broadcasted not so long ago.. I'm also considering this title for make a cool picture...

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Well... I've already started to do a sketch about Macross Frontier ... though I 'm still considering some of those titles you've mentioned.. I'm drawing the two girls who are supposed to be the main characters singing... while the new valkyrie model passes by...


I want to see how does it looks and I will take my decision. I will show to you how does it look as soon as I can...



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