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Lindsay Lohan is a LESBIAN!?


Are you happy about this news?  

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I'm still waiting for crazy bald headed Britney Spears with an english accent sex tapes to come to light.

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I voted "monkey crap" I didn't even read the article. All I know is she used to be fine. But then she became anorexic and addicted to crackrock. Hanging out with whoever that hoe is... skinny hoer who is all over the net and everyone thinks is fine. Lohan took a helleva few steps down on the social scene hanging out with her.

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I vote we punch her in the baby-maker.


lol she is very much a hu-err! haha. My thing is why does most folks care so much that they have to write about every little thing about celebs and seems like alot of people actually care about the fact shes munching down some grass and carpet.


Im sure next year she'll get kicked by a mule and have a revelation that she likes guys again, or wait maybe this is just a phase she's going through. :). she used to actually be kinda ok looking.

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