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This is why you don't post pics of your girlfriend on the internet


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"ANd he held the flower that nearly reached its end, admiring at its will to survive...

He treasured tha flower as if it was as lively as ever and only he saw its beauty.

He passed many gardens of beautiful flowers and chose the ugly flower that no one would take...

THus he became the laughing stock of his town, but he to till this day...never thought he choice was a mistake."

I guess he sees something that NO ONE else does... its kinda sweet but...ugh....just dont brag about her and exploit her like she's friggin Carmen E.

But man....... Those guys are cruel on dat site^^...

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i wonder how she feels about becomming an overnight internet celebrity, the funny thing is the topic starter on that thread was joking from the beggining. Lmao




A lot of them were saying it was bullshit.

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