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New Members+ Group!

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To combat the ongoing spam attacks that have hit message boards worldwide, we have been implementing new security features and ideas.


There is now a new Members+ group, which users in the regular Members group will be automatically promoted to after their first 3 posts. The only new feature that is available currently in the Members+ group is that it will allow you to send private messages.


So to summarize:


Group name: Members+

Features: Can send Private Messages

Promoted from Members after first 3 posts


The regular Members group will continue to have private messaging disabled, until other solutions are found.


If you find that you are unable to do specific things that you were able to do in the Members group and now not in the Members+ group, please let us know!


P.S. If you are a registered user with more than 3 posts and notice that you still can not send PM's: You may need to make at least 1 more post, so the system will auto-promote you to the Members+ group.


- 1Emulation Staff

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