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I've been using the coinops standalone,

But it dosen't have a game reset button for refreshing game settings (not that much of a big deal, but saves time exiting and loading the rom from scratch)


Also when I changed the settings on coinops to disable showing how many times you have played the game, it still dosen't disable the counter, am I doing somthing wrong?

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I cant find the xor files for choko and hfs2.


Use FBA_XXX_PRO 1.29 beta, that's the same romset as the latest MAME, so Xor are unneeded :naughty::naughty::naughty:


Seriously, i think you can still found them :thumbsup1:


Edit: you can generate the xor directly with FBA Schuffle, there's an CPS2 option which do that.

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OK got raiden jet to load ill look at it later on :naughty:


man this is awesome! can't wait for the next release, hope it works out ok tho - willing to pay for a rapidshare upload if it means that the scene keeps going for a little while longer - looking forward to the new thread also!


Apologies if this is the incorrect location - just wanted to formalise my request for the Golden Axe 2 drivers to be looked at - this game seems amazing but the glitches make it hard to work out the verical scrolling sections and also hard to pick up items in a fight etc. Im sure there are lots of people out there who see the potential in this game.


I put this request on the spreadsheet a while back since it wasn't already there. Anyhow take care BP thanks again!


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