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Heroes Season 3


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I love Heroes but absolutely disappointed with Heroes II. I say they flocked up the whole storyline. It seems like they are affected by the writers' strikes as the 1st half of the season is good but the 2nd half is crap.

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While watching it, everything I saw, I've already seen. Having read waaaay to many comic books, I saw similarities to Days of Future Past and the break out at Ryker's that happened in New Avengers #1.


Mad points for Hiro going MUDADA!

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Well Wizard, thats the problem... everything has been done before...


I just went to NBC.com and saw a couple of clips. Damn man... whats her name froze the reporter guy... and he busted to bits... what the hell is going on??? Does each personality have different abilities???


Anyway... My search will start soon... for media. Haven't started yet, but I will.

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Hahahahahahaha I cant say anything about Dexter... never watched it, nor 4400. Wait... I haven't seen Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Shield either... Or.... Arrested Development. But I know the Majority of those shows are good. Seinfeld... is just annoying to me. But Sky... your just a pessimist... aren't you. Hell, you only like Heroes because of Clair... Softy...


Actually, I don't watch Heroes because of Hayden Panettiere. But yes she does give me headaches in my pants. I actually missed out on Season 1 and 2 till the DVD for 2 came out. That's when I started watching it and enjoyed it. I love Curb Your Enthusiasm but that's mainly due to the fact that I'm a fan of Larry David himself.


I laughed so hard when they mentioned "The German" and his magnetism. Mad props they gave to Magneto.


Season 2 wasn't even suppose to have everyone from Season 1. It was originally planned to have a whole new set of characters but because the fans liked the ones in Season 1 they've stayed.


I also laughed when Hiro and Ando met Stan Lee as a bus driver. Gold there too.


Anywho. Season 3 so far started with a great start. This time I'll be watching it.

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