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Setting up a PS2's Menu


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I'm not getting a lot of what I'm doing right now and would really appreciate help from anyone experienced. Currently, I have a SCPH-50001 PS2 with a clear case, Codebreaker 10, official 8MB memory card, and network adapter. I have a HDD arriving soon, as well as HDDLoader.


Right now, I'm trying to set up these elf files so that they are easier to use, for both me and my girlfriend. I bought the PS2 so we could watch DivX and Xvid movies easily at her place, so it is essentially my gift to her that makes me happy as well.


I was able to install FMC onto the memory card, but nothing else. I have on my main screen uLauncherelf and a configuration program. My goal with this system is simple:


Play -







PS2 games on the HDD


These I'm pretty sure the PS2 can do, correct? I was already able to launch a DivX movie, and it worked really well. I was impressed. My main problem is menu navigation. I need this to not only look good, but be simple enough so my girlfriend can use it when I'm not around. Is there any way to make just those elf programs show up on the main PS2 menu? If not, is there a good looking elf launcher I can replace the standard one with?


Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.


Edit: BTW, I set this up in this section because the PS2 one wasn't really getting many views. I know it needs to be moved, just wanted some feedback as soon as I could get it.


Edit: This is what I want to do... http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=gx2r40lS


I want the programs on the main PS2 menu so i can easily launch them instead of having to go through a program to do it.

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