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it's official, I'm here to stay


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Damyou.. I never thought I see you again, gah after that horrible UT beating I took from you, you broke my fps spirit man D: naw jk, fucking glad I was able to see the my old mentor back again. In case yall don't know who Leathel, this man has too many crazy stories about women he involved in, I mean.. a shit load of women stories to share.

Lets just say this guy is the definition of this in a way:

well maybe not that bad, but he was the first to post this in A@H when it debuted hehe


Anyway... you need a UT beating from Belthasar here and I need a word with you on msn since i quit AIM =/

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lol, I would have to re-install the game, haven't played it in a long time... but I think it should be similar to riding a bicycle, you never really forget how.


I'm on MSN about once a month, i'll send you some info later. I don't do bang bang bang anymore though, allot has changed, and I mean a lot! I'm studying aviation now, my electives include economics and greek methodology, exiting ya? well, I need to move up brackets. yeah, you'll be shocked a bit on what's going on in life. I decided to stay in Cali by the way, I must admit, I enjoy the weather and diversity here. I just registered as cali voter. I'm voting Yes on Proposition 10 (1332. Bonds. Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Renewable Energy. Statute( California is generally the first state to introduce practical technology to the public and make it a law. This is great I think.


I have yet to move to the hydro trend, I still own 12K on my 07 Sonata, and 10K on the Santa fe. whew, I can sure use some of that lotto money right about now.


I'm writing a report on the candidates economic policy, which is the most important issue their really facing. so every time the TV is talking politics I have to switch it off because they're all just expressing their view on this and It's like watching the news on MTV, really sad.


college is so cheap here, people in California should be the most educated people in the nation! (educated does not mean smarter) lol.


Mag, I'll try you belthahar a shot to get at me. lol, this old man can maybe still get a few shots if my fingers don't cramp.


I still do emu on my DS, :P there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to play SNES GBA, NES, GB, GENESIS, ect. on this little machine. it's great. I don't remember where I left it last though. lol.


anyway, going to the movies with the Mrs. (yep) and want to get a light dinner on the way there.

I'm doing the Midnight 5K. cause I'm bright awake at that time.

Taking my trek bike on a trail run. One day when I make over 100K i'll probably get a flat screen tv, if I really must. I really don't care much about it.


umm... oh! if you're dating or seeing someone, and have a quickie problem, I recommend getting those extended pleasure condoms, if you don't have that problem I really DO NOT recommend this product as it numbs your part and really drags the moment too long, women generally think sex last longer than it really does anyway.( Scientific fact) foreplay is a must.


Cat's are great pets for someone else to have, they look cute and entertaining but, once you have them, you wish they leave you alone for a while.


who WON the Olympics? I missed the whole event....


lastly - Don't drink and drive, Last week one of my subordinates got into one of those accidents, he was a viggie before his parents unplugged him. sad.... and very stupid.


can't wait for those self driving automobiles..

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