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Comcast starts 250GB bandwidth caps on October 1


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Stop complaining, I have 2nd highest tier service from my ISP, and I have a 60GB cap........yet 10mbit/1mbit speeds.

I ULed 60 gb this week...... I would leave cable and forgo some speed and switch to dsl if it came down to caps. I hate the whole idea of it. as of right now TWC is treating me right though.

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I have 5 computer users in my house. I love to listen to music especially when i sleep so thats 128k x 8 hours a day is like how much bandwidth right there. Not to mention the gaming sessions which can go on for hours at a time. How much bandwidth would i spend if say i spent 4 hours on youtube watching videos for 3 out the 4 hours just an example oh and not to mention voip phone calls ,shopping , reading news idk i might have to switch to dsl or fios

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