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What the XBOX is to you?


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"What a curious man you are, my friend!


Only the cold, heavily lidded eye of the moon sees you

making your way through the darkened streets. The records

indicate that you are a man of light and reason, a learned man

steeped in the discipline of scholarship.


Yet here you are, driven by your curiosity, pulled by your

insatiable desire to figure out just what the Xbox really

is to you. You begin with a statement and set the stage for a

speech. But underneath you have a million questions.


So do we."

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A media center a emulation machine a video game game machine all rolled into one.Im with kenshiro on this one the xbox is one tough bastard. hmm what else is the xbox to me.. I learned alot about programming from using and modding it. Ive even made stuff for it. If i get around to it im going to make custom soundtracks for some of my games

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