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Your top picks for Dreamcast games.

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Since DC Emulators now in day actually work :D, I decided to give this system a shot!


Post up your top picks for DC games.


So far, I like, the SA series, Ikaruga (mad fun), Power Stones kinda cool too.

crazy taxi is good for short blasts.

zero gunner2

under defeat(the video is the game running on nulldc.)


marvel vs cspcom2(the best port of the game seeing as its based on the naomi hardware aka dreamcast in an arcade cabinet.)


streetfighter alpha3 upper.

border down

of course there is shenmue1,2

basically if your looking for arcade ports then take a look here as well coz most of these were converted to dc.


oh yeah and giulty gearx(which in my opinion is still the best giulty gear out there.)


edit/if you are interested in bor mods(beats of rage)there are loads,heres one to look at.

double edit/the dc should have had a daytona usa2 and scud race port just so you know.

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I have over 130 DC games here but only ever really played the shooters.


Radirgy, Karous, Bangai-o, Mars Matrix, Giga Wing 1+2, Under Defeat, Triggerheart Exelica, Trizeal, Chaos Field, Border Down, Shikigami no Shiro 2, Psyvariar etc


Also 2D fighters - Guilty Gear, MVC2, CVS, SFA3 :SD, Vampire Chronicle.


Otherwise I can hardly recall any standout titles, except for Shenmue.


SFA3 Upper was GBA btw; it was SFA3 : Saikyo Dojo that was released on the DC.

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SFA3 Upper was GBA btw; it was SFA3 : Saikyo Dojo that was released on the DC.


i was just going by the naomi version thats all.ive got this version on dreamcast and ps1(playing on pcsxbox).for some reason i seem to prefer the ps1 version even though the dc one is obviously superior.

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shenmue 1 and 2

the 2d fighters

soul calibur

crazy taxi

sonic adventure 1

those are the stand outs in my opinion.

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Power Stone, didn't play 2.


Crazy Taxi

Typing of the Dead


Yeah that's pretty much it, didn't get a chance to play with the DC that often.

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