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strider2 and raidendx on pcsxbox.


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there isnt any difference between the arcade and psx port of dodonpachi apart from less frames of animation.the saturn port is better.

Not to mention about comparing size psx iso vs arcade rom ......... waste of space to have it on pcsxbox

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ive never tried wolf-fang before so i am downloading now.was this game also released on the snes
No - its arcade port of Rogha Armour Attack and its a good one , with different paths and original arcade mode.
is there any other 2d games like this for the ps1?

Well from top of my head you can try also Gran Doll (something like metroid)

i already have rapid reload.

I have shared ENG ver :rolleyes: (I get mine few years ago after 3 years long search :P )

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