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-Arcade Emulators Listing-

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ace CPS1/2 NEOGEO http://ace.emuunlim.com/

AppleMAME MAME http://armand.corbeaux.free.fr/

AdvanceMAME MAME TV http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/

Calice32 CPS1/2 http://calice.emuunlim.com/

CPS2Mame CPS1/2 http://cps2shock.retrogames.com/

CANAME MAME http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Oakland/6943/

CALLUS CALLUS http://bloodlust.zophar.net/

Charles MacDonald's SEGA SYSTEM C2 http://cgfm2.emuviews.com/

Emeraldmame32jkb MAME http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/6365/

EZMAME32 Plus! MAME http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-C...Cupertino/6499/

FMAME32 MAME http://www.mameworld.net/mameinfo/

Fanbuild MAME http://fandemame.rcroms.com/

FinalBurn Alpha CPS1/2 http://cp-systems2turbo.emuunlim.com/

FinalBurn Next CPS1/2 http://www.geocities.co.jp/Hollywood-Screen/1546/

FBN CPS2 http://cp-systems2turbo.emuunlim.com/

FinalBurnMenu CPS2 http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/7708/

fastMAME MAME http://www.geoshock.com/

hcmame MAME http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Oakland/8859/

HIVE HIVE http://hive.speedhost.com/

Impact IMPACT http://www.impactemu.com/

Juno First Juno First http://www.junofirst.freeserve.co.uk/

Jmame32 MAME32 http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Oakland/6944/

JAS JAS http://www.jrok.com/

Kawaks CPS1/2 http://kawaks.retrogames.com/

MAME32 OFFICE MAME32 http://www.classicgaming.com/mame32/

MAME32jp MAME32 http://www.emulation9.com/zero/

MAME OFFICE MAME http://www.mame.net

Mame32+Kaillera MAME LINE http://kaillera.com/

Mame32 sharp MAME http://www.classicgaming.com/mame32qa/

MacPacMAME MAME http://mac.emuhq.com/macpacmame/

Modeler SEGA MODEL1 SYSTEM 32 http://www.impactemu.com/

MjMAME32 MAME http://jump.uranews.com/majo/

MAMEYUKI MAME http://scorpius.spaceports.com/~n48club/

NeoMAME MAME NEOGEO http://www.geoshock.com/

NEBULA CPS1/2 NEOGEO CD http://nebula.emulatronia.com/

NMAME X II MAME neogeo http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Oakland/6943/

PinMAMEW PINMAME http://pinmame.retrogames.com/

Pacmmae PACMAME http://www.mameworld.net/pacmame/

TourMAME MAME http://www.mameworld.net/tourniquet/

TVMAME32 MAME http://www.trouble-makers.com/kami/emulation/

Raine RAINE http://www.rainemu.com/

UONMAME X II MAME http://wind.prohosting.com/snk4ever/

uomame32j MAME http://www.d1.dion.ne.jp/~love_rin/

Unofficial MAME32jp MAME32 http://www.geocities.co.jp/SiliconValley-Oakland/9386/

Unofficial Final Burn Alpha CPS1/2 http://www.vg-network.com/emudl.phtml?multiarcade&23

Visual PinMAME PINMAME http://pinmame.retrogames.com/

ViciMame MAME http://www.vicigamer.hpg.com.br/

Sledgehammer Namco System 21 http://sledgehammer.emuunlim.com/

s11emu SEGA MODEL 2 http://www.impactemu.com/

StretchMame32 MAME32 http://stretchmame.mameworld.net/

Smoothmame058 MAME Smoothmame058

Sword MAME32 MAME32 http://home.educities.edu.tw/mame32k/

TVMAME32 MAME32 http://www.trouble-makers.com/kami/emulation/

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I think this listing should be updated :(:D


Probably when I get a time today I will donate an updated list with some nice descriptions and stuff for 1Emulation




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