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SSF v009 beta R4 released

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Saturn emulator


SSF Ver0.09 beta R4

SMPC peripherals optimized for data acquisition was implemented.

SCSP process to fix the noise of the LFO.

SCSP update process to play a fixed position.

VDP2 revolution of the draw was fixed.

VDP2 register counter to the V fixed.


State data saved version has been changed.


VDP2 drawing threads used, the timing of the resolution switches errors when the application was fixed.

PAL vertical when FURUSUKURINSAIZU 512 are missing because they added.




Thank you work report.

Up, but only minor fixes.

SMPC peripherals optimized for data acquisition was implemented.

Input should be less of delay.

The rest is fine-tuning.

Legend of the display is。

Shining Force III Scenario 3 from the opening wave of SE to close Jikki.


After a moment of unusual vertical resolution of the application error buggy (VDP2 drawing threads used).

Fix it.


CD seeks real problem is that behavior is complex, so get stuck.

Worst case, the pseudo-tempered that might emulate.



SH2 emulator 100%

68000 emulator 100%

VDP1 block 95%

VDP2 block 95%

SCU block 100%

SMPC block 100%

SCSP block 95%

CD block 85%


Overall = 96.25%



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96.25% from perfect overall?????

Wow i've not checked out the Saturn emu scene for years and I always thought SSF was the best out there. Looks like a lot has been done to it since I last took interest in the emu. When I get a nice new high spec PC I'll be sure to give this a go :lol:


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