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Thoughts of Crisis Core

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I rented Crisis Core from Blockbusters the day before. I've been on the game like white on rice for the past 2 days. The PSP battery has been draining frequently due to my long standing hours of gameplay. The horror of being killed once is in existence because I do not have a Memory Stick, so the only way I can play and continue on with the story, is if I put the PSP on sleep mode, and come back and resume from wherever I left off. I've gotten to the part where Genesis and Angeal have gained their wings, and I had to fight an enormous Summon monster on top of a flaming building. I almost died in that match.


If I would have died I would have had to start the game from the beginning, that would be horrible. It already happened once but luckily I wasn't very far in the game at the time. The graphics in this game baffle me, they are literally PS2 graphics on a smaller scale. I'm surprised at the quality of the FMV movies, and the dialog can sometimes be found humorous. Zack Fair overall reminds me of Tidus, him and Tidus share many similarities, with the major one being their personalities. Being socially outgoing, and having no trouble with the women. The fighting system is fine, but I don't like the randomized leveling system much. Not that I really need to level frequently, it's just that I would like to have control over it.


It happens every once and awhile, and the time frame between each level is coincidentally sufficient. The Limit Breaks help big time, but sometimes I get LVL 5 Limit Breaks with only one monster left to kill. This can be useless at times. Other than that, I value the Materia system overall, and the interface and menus are well organized. The shopping is quick and assessable, but the dungeon crawling can get somewhat repetitive. Not too repetitive though, the entertaining cut scenes make up for it, I enjoy the acting and dialog. But yeah, it's a fine game, I would rather play it on the PS2 though. But then again, taking the PSP anywhere I go comes in handy. Well, those are my thoughts basically.

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Just for your info, the levelling up is NOT random. Basically there is an invisible meter that keep track of your experience. Filling up the meter meaning you get the chance to level up, only waiting to get it on the roulette.

So, the more battles you fought, the easier it is for you to level up. i have reached level 91 but still stuck with the secret boss. Damn, she got lots of 99999-damage attacks :(


And why don't you get a MSPD for saving? a cheap 256MB or 512MB is sufficient.

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Doesn't the PSP come with a 32Mb MS?


Btw I think Crisis Core is garbage. In every respect Square has got away with themselves.

Agreed. Only worth it if your into 7's lore.

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