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what gaming mags do you/did you read?

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started off with zap64 back in the c64 days,then moved onto c+vg(computer and video games).then moved onto mean machines,the best multiformat games mag there has ever been.once mean machines was split into 2 mags(mean machines sega and official nintendo magazine)i went back to c+vg up until it ceased publication in 2002/3.moved onto gamesmaster until i started reading gamestm.

oh yeah and i also get retro gamer magazine.


so whats your gaming mag history?

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Your Sinclair, Mean Machines, C+VG, Gamesmaster, Super Play mostly. I also stumbled across a copy of EGM in my local newsagents back in 1993 or so. This sort of thing wasn't even stocked by the biggest retailers at the time, so I got the owner to reserve me a copy every month. He said that I was the only one who ever bought the mag. Not that it was an amazing magazine as such, but it gave me a new perspective on games at least.


Super Play though was my personal favourite. A superlative SNES mag that focused heavily on Japanese games, especially RPGs.

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